We regret to inform you of the sudden passing of Dr Johan Samanta of a heart attack on September 17, 2023. Dr. Samanta cared deeply for his patients, and he will be greatly missed.

To help with a seamless transition, your medical records will be transferred to Foothills Neurology, and can be obtained from their office after mid-January. If you are requesting medical records prior to mid-January, please contact the Dreamy Draw office. You can also request that your records be sent by filling out a medical release form (available on www.mdsdocs.us) and sending it to the Dreamy Draw office if prior to mid-January, and to the Foothills Neurology after that. If you wish to seek care elsewhere, you can contact the Parkinsons Movement Disorders Alliance (pmdalliance.org), the Dystonia Foundation (dystonia-­foundation.org). Please note that the website www.mdsdocs.us will also be kept up as a source for general information.

Prior to January 14, 2024, continue to contact the office at its current location at 7500 N Dreamy Draw Dr, Suite 133, Phoenix, AZ 85020. You can call us at (602) 277-2228, or fax us at (602} 265-9494.

After January 14, Movement Disorders Specialists plan to be operating with Foothills Neurology at their Midtown office. For additional information, please see Foothills Neurology’s website www.foothillsneurology.com, or reference the Movement Disorders Specialists website at www.mdsdocs.us.

Foothills Neurology-Midtown office’s address is 4001 N 3rd St, #290, Phoenix, AZ. The telephone number is (480) 961-2365.

Movement Disorders Specialists are honored and pleased to have been part of helping our patients for these past many years and we look forward to continuing to care for you for many years to come as part of the Foothills Neurology family.


Movement Disorders Specialists and Foothills Neurology

Johan Samanta, MD, neurologist and movement disorders specialist in Phoenix, AZ, is a clinical associate professor of neurology at University of Arizona College of Medicine providing lectures on various movement disorder topics.   Dr. Samanta has been the principal or co-investigator in 22 past and current clinical trials in Parkinson disease, essential tremor, dystonia and stroke. His clinical interests include care for patients with movement disorders, clinical research, deep brain stimulation, and Botulinum toxin therapy.

Practicing in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

7500 N Dreamy Draw Dr Suite 133.

Phone: (602) 277-2228